All Poster Prints, Open Edition, Permanent Ink
Archival Paper, Average Size 11" x 15", $20.00




Stain Glass Trees


All Hope - 1/2 size


Angel in My Garden - 1/2 size


Angel in My Iris


Angel in My Roses - 1/2 size




Bless Always the Flowers


Bless Our Earth


Earth Angel


Faith Hope and Charity


Animals and Birds


Three Birds


Finches on White


Panda and Bamboo


Peacocks and Bubbles - 1/2 size


Red Sky Zebra


Summer Magic


Sunny and Bright


Big Elephant


First Bath


Good Morning


Fish and Frogs


Bayou Magic


Board Meeting


I Am My Garden


Mussyfudgit Bay


Starry Starry Frogs


Fantasy Fish #1


Fantasy Fish #2


Grapes and Chameleon


Grapes and Frog


Nudes and Figures


The Hat


Pale by Comparison




Garden Veil


Art Model Rest #1


Art Model Rest #2


Bubbles and Beads


Color Me Mardi Gras




Big Ben Celebrates


Gramma's Candydish


Grandpa's Barn


Homestead Pump


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